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Welcome to the Low Beskid

The Bieliczna valley, not far from the House on the Meadows, best illustrates the unspoilt natural beauty of Beskid Niski (Lower Beskids) and the tragic history of the Lemkos – an ethic group that used to inhabit it. Bieliczna was an old village from which the Lemkos were uprooted in 1947. It is also one of the loveliest valleys of the Lower Beskids. The Lower Beskids are a mountain range with wide open spaces, wildlife, deserted villages, stone crosses by the roadside and wild orchards in the valleys

We invite you to come to the House on the Meadows in the magical Lower Beskids...

During your stay at our house in the Lower Beskids you can


Climb Lackowa: the highest (997 metres) summit on the Polish side of Lower Beskidy. It is well visible from the house.

Visit the site of Kazimierz Pulaski’ military camp, established in 1770 during the Bar Confederation (a Polish civil war)

Go horse-riding in the meadows; there is a stud farm of Carpathian ponies and Arabian horses in Izby.

Visit old Greek Catholic Churches with beautiful iconostases (“walls of icons”). The closest ones are in Banica, Izby and Bieliczna. The church in Banica is a part of the Wooden Architecture Trail.

Visit military World War I cemeteries in Magura Małastowska, Rotunda or Smerekowiec.

Try mineral waters in Krynica Zdrój (16 km / 10 miles) and Wysowa (20 km / 12 miles) – local spa towns.

Walk, cycle or cross-country ski to Friczka in Slovakia (there are no border controls between Poland and Slovakia).

Visit Slovak town of Bardejov, which is on UNESCO World Heritage List, and to the spa town of Bardejovske Kupele (30 km / 19 miles).

Visit medieval towns of Levoča, Spiśskie Podhradie and Spiśska Kapitula, with their amazing gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture. Spiśska Kapitula is the site of the largest castle in Sloviakia, which is on UNESCO World Heritage List.

Watch birds. The meadows here are full of larks. You can also encounter black storks, lesser spotted eagles, ravens and other rare birds.

Collect herbs. Our farm is organic and the meadows around are full of various herbs.

Visit the Sądecki Ethnographic Park . This includes a picturesque reconstruction of 19th century Galician (Little Poland) town.Visit the open ethnographic air museum in Szymbark .

Visit the Oiler’s House in Łosie. Oilers produced grease necessary to lubricate axles of carts, and traded it far and wide. You ride a traditional oiler’s wagon there.

Visit Nowica to see how in the olden days people made wooden spoons. Mr Stefan Romanyk and Piotr Michniak . You can follow the Traditional Crafts Trail to learn about other traditional crafts, e.g. stonemasonry in Bartne, birch-tar making in Bielanka or sculpting in Ptaszyna.

Swim in Lake Klimkówka (15 km / 9 miles). There is a beach and you can also rent kayaks, windsurfing boards, boats, etc.)

Build a dam on one of the streams near the house (500 m/ 50 yd)

Go on a ride in a sleigh rides and horse-drawn carriages.

Have fun on a ropes course in Krynica .

Visit the . Toy Museum in Krynica.

Go rafting on the Dunajec river. Check czystafrajda.pl and fabrykaendorfiny.pl.

Swim in a water park in Wysowa.

Go off-roading with www.podroze4x4.pl.

Follow the Kerosene Trail. The Lower Beskids were rich in crude oil before World War II. It was in Gorlice where the first kerosene street lamps in the world were used.

Visit the beautiful medieval town of Biecz.

Visit an open-air archeological museum in Trzcinica, called the Carpathian Troy . Remnants of a fortified settlement from Bronze Age were unearthed there.

Visit a beautifully preserved town of Stary Sącz, called the Medieval Pear of Lower Beskids.

There are also interesting annual events

Theatre workshops InNOWICA in Nowica – May

Watra – Łemko culture festival in Zdynia – July

Carpathian Ponies Days in a stud farm in Regietów – September

Jan Kiepura Festival in Krynica – August

Saffron Milk Cap Feast Feast in Wysowa – September/October
Saffron Milk Cup (Lactarius deliciosus) is an edible mushroom popular in the region.

Bobbin Lace Festival in Bobowa – early October

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Gospodarsto agroturystyczne w górach
Gospodarsto agroturystyczne w górach

Agnieszka i Andrzejm Adamkiewiczowie
Beskid Niski - Izby 35
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Agnieszka i AndrzejAdamkiewiczowie
Beskid Niski - Izby 35
38-315 Uscie Gorlickie
Malopolska / Poland
tel. +48 18 351 65 60
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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